Vieve White

Vieve is the creator and designer of Vulpinic Vestements, based out of her studio in Wyoming.  With an undergrad degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University, and training in molding/casting and special effects makeup techniques from Complections International Makeup Academy in Toronto, Ontario, Genavieve has carved out a unique niche for her talents.  

Vulpinic Vestements

Vulpinic Vestements is an exploration in the infusion of silicone and fabric into wearable art.  Bright colors and dimensional, caricatured forms dominate the designs.  

Molds are hand sculpted or 3d printed, then run in skin-safe, platinum based silicone.  Pigmentation comes from inert earth pigments or makeup grade pigment.

We have transitioned from the drip aesthetic that started the company in 2013, and in doing such have dropped the brand Candydrip.  It still functions to describe any items in the store, and any custom items made in the style.